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MSSJ 2019

15th May 2019, 9:00am to 17th May 2019, 17:00pm

Tsukuba, Japan


Visit Peak at MSSJ 2019

The Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan or MSSJ, has been the longest MS society globally, established since 1953. The annual exhibition hosts more than 1,000 delegates, who take the opportunity to present new technologies and innovations in mass spectrometry.

This year will be the 67th annual conference on mass spectrometry and it will be held at the Tsukuba International Congress Center from the 15 -17th May 2019. Join Peak at Booth 12 and learn about our range of laboratory gas generators and how they could streamline your workflow.

Genius XE

Peak Scientific will showcase our Genius range of compressor-based nitrogen gas generators for LC-MS. Our Genius gas generators provide a reliable and consistent source of laboratory grade nitrogen gas, which are more cost effective and safer than gas cylinders. 


We will also exhibit our Precision range of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generators. 

About Peak

Innovating in the gas generation industry for 20 years, Peak Scientific manufacture high performance nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air generators mainly for the fields of LC-MS and GC. Peak provides on-site gas generation which is the practical and cost-effective solution to pressurized cylinders. Cylinders incur on-going delivery, administrative and rental costs, which all impact on business revenue or facility budgets.

Peak also offer aftersales support which helps to safeguard your lab gas supply and provides peace of mind and managed running costs for long hassle-free generator life. Find out more about [Peak Protected].

To find out more about our range of gas generators, visit us at MSSJ, Booth 12.

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Tsukuba International Congress Center
15 – 17th May 2019


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